General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the sale of vouchers

1. Conditions of purchase and supply
This contract is made with SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental Marketing GmbH. Only persons from the age of 18 are entitled to order vouchers. Until payment in full has been received, the vouchers remain the property of the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental Marketing and are only valid once full payment has been received. The seller also reserves the right to block the validity of the vouchers during the automated process. Voucher packages include 10% VAT. Because of the non-assignability of the service supplied, value vouchers do not include VAT. The purchased or ordered vouchers are to be used on the range of services offered by the seller and cannot be redeemed in the form of a cash pay-out. Vouchers can only be redeemed at the locations indicated on the vouchers. There is a choice of value vouchers and voucher packages. Voucher packages are vouchers for pre-selected events. The content and scope of the services provided are based on the services listed on the voucher packages. Additional services and extraordinary services are stated separately on the voucher, insofar as the purchaser has such an entitlement. In the case of a value voucher, should usage be lower than the value stated on the voucher, the residual value on the voucher is preserved. If the voucher package is underused, there is no entitlement to a refund of the difference, as the voucher forms part of a package offer. We assume no liability for delayed delivery.

2. Validity
All vouchers are valid for 1 year and are redeemable during this period. If, during this period, there are seasonal price adjustments, the difference on the valid package price is to be paid, insofar as the scope of the service offered changes in kind and quality.

3. Procedure and ordering costs
There is the option of a voucher dispatch: To keep your order costs as low as possible, you have the option of paying for the vouchers via an instant bank transfer or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard). The vouchers can then be printed out immediately and can be sent by e-mail to your mailbox. (Shipping method: "Download and instant delivery by e-mail"). There are no booking fees.

4. Security guarantee & data protection
Your privacy & security are our top priority. That is why data such as credit card numbers, bank sort codes, account numbers, names and addresses are transferred via an SSL-protected line. Using this method, no unauthorised persons may read your input data during transmission over the internet. To ensure security in the voucher store, we use a number of additional security measures that comply with the current security standards in cashless payment transactions. Your data will be automatically processed by us. In this respect you will only receive promotional material from the retailer, unless you expressly inform the retailer immediately or otherwise within 14 days that you do not require any such promotional material. No personal or person-related data will be passed to third parties.

5. Cancellation/refund
The voucher may be cancelled, if we receive notification within 14 days after receipt and the voucher is returned via registered post to Wilder Kaiser – Brixental Marketing GmbH. All that is required is a statement of cancellation.